Hi All,


I am writing to you a little earlier than usual this week, simply because we are in for a very busy and exciting weekend at the club! Plus, it might be worth looking at your courts next week as those evenings are starting to get booked up that bit earlier week by week...


As well as this I did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about some of the key days that you might want to be around for. As you probably know it is the British Padel Tour SILVER event this weekend, with many of our members involved as well as top players including 2 of the top 3 ranked male players in the UK AND 4 out of the top 5 ranked female players!


You may also recognise names of some of our top local players such Claire Fahey, Crystal Fernandez, Gonzalo Almanza & Alberto Ordonez who will all be trying to make the most of a vocal home crowd. If you would like to come and support our locals (or your favourite top UK player) please see the days of play below...


Friday 5pm – 9pm - Social Tournament

Saturday 9am – 8pm - Mens & Ladies Open Events

Sunday 9am – 5pm - Vets (+45’s) Event


This should be a fantastic weekend at the club... make sure you don’t miss it!!






Monday 4th


4pm-5.30pm – COURT AVAILABLE

7pm-8.30pm – Paul Dickson, 3 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 4+)


Tuesday 5th


11.30am–1pm – Terry Cole, 3 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 2+)

5.30pm-7pm – COURT AVAILABLE

6pm OnwardsBEGINNERS / SOCIAL MIX IN (Please register your name first before coming)


Wednesday 6th


12pm-1.30pm – Allan Loughead, 3 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 3+)

4pm-5.30pm – Gemma Phoenix, Gail Walsh, 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 2.5+)


Thursday 7th


4pm-5.30pm – COURT AVAILABLE

7pm-8.30pm – COURT AVAILABLE


Friday 8th


5.30pm-7pm – COURT AVAILABLE

6pm – 8pm – *NEW* LADIES NIGHT (Coaching & Matches – Please register your name first before coming)


Saturday 9th


12pm-2pm – *NEW* JUNIOR SESSION (Coaching & Matches – Please register your child’s name first before coming)

Throughout the day- COURTS AVAILABLE




As ever, if you need anything from me. Feel free to contact me via email, telephone or WhatsApp.


Best Wishes,



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Hi All,


I hope that you all had a great half term week, it was really exciting to see the daytime courts get that much busier, as well as meet some new faces. Welcome back to all of those who have been away skiing etc, I look forward to seeing you all on court this week!


Firstly to give you an insight into which peak courts are available to play this week...



4pm-5.30pm – Court Available

8.30pm-9.45pm – Court Available



5.30pm-7pm – Court Available

6pm-9pm – BEGINNER / SOCIAL MIX IN (Getting busy this week, please do not attend without registering with me first)



3.30pm-5pm- Sian Medlow, 3 Spaces Available (Lvl 3 or Above)

5pm-6.30pm- Court Available



2pm-3pm- Gwen Bannister, Pat Lemon, Sheila Lamb, 1 Space Available (Lvl 1.5 or above)

*Evening Courts Available*



**British Padel Social Tournament – Multiple Space Available (Lvl 3 or Above) – I can find you a partner where required!**




For those of you who regularly follow the newsletters, you will remember that our other new Coach (Ben Smith) will be with us this coming Wednesday (27th).


Ben is a British Padel Level 2 Qualified Coach and is keen to get started at the club. Contact him now to discuss arranging your first lesson with him on 07930 883884.




In addition to the usual games and socials this week we are delighted to be hosting the BRITISH PADEL SILVER EVENT, which consists of the below categories-


Friday 5pm-9pm – Social Event (Open to Lvl 3 Players and above, Contact Lewis for more info / to register your name!)


Saturday 9am-5pm – Mens Open Event / Ladies Open Event


Sunday 9am-5pm – Vets (+45) Category (Open to both male/female players/pairings)


All of the categories will be played with new balls and have prizes for the winners/finalists! All of which are provided by the tournament sponsors, Head & Padelshack.


This could be your chance to earn your British Padel Ranking points!


In order to find out more about the Mens /Ladies/Vets events and to register you/your pair, please follow the below link-


And for those of you who might not be so keen to play this weekend, this is a great opportunity to see the club host some of the countries top players and gain some tips on how to improve your game! It is completely free of charge for members/guests to come and watch the event!




As always, If you would like me to assist in finding you a game in the coming weeks, let me know and I will do so. Looking forward to seeing you all throughout the week(especially the weekend!!)


Best Wishes,



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Hi All,


Just a quick note from me this week to highlight some of the good games we have available play in coming up, as well as some prime time courts that are still available if you are keen to play and would like me to find you others of a similar level to join you. As well as this I have all the info you need on a discount lesson deal for new Padel Players, and we have a very exciting upcoming event that should not be missed! More to follow below...




Games Available


Tuesday 19th


4.30m-6pm- Chris Lindsey, Mark Eady, 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 4 or above)

6pm-7.30pm- Ray Tang, Ross Templeman, 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 3 or above)

Tuesday Mix In- 1 SPACE LEFT (Please make sure to register your name before coming)


Wednesday 20th


3pm-4.30pm- Court Available

8.30pm-9.30pm- Court Available


Thursday 21st


4pm-5.30pm- Court Available

4.30pm-6pm- Court Available

6pm-7.30pm- Ray Tang, Ross Templeman, 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 3 or above)

7pm-8.30pm- David Robertson, Paul Smith, 2 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 3.5 or above)

8.30pm-9.30pm- Court Available


Friday 22nd


3pm-4.30pm- Court Available

7.30pm-9pm- Court Available


Saturday 23rd


9am-10.30am- Court Available

10.30am-12pm- Alice Wightman, 3 SPACES AVAILABLE (New players and members up to Lvl 3)

12pm-1.30pm- Mike Hill, 3 SPACES AVAILABLE (Lvl 4 or above)

12pm Onwards- Courts Available


Sunday 24th


Throughout the day- Courts Available


Contact me today in order to book in your courts for the week!






£12.50 for an hour lesson with Lewis to local people who are interested in trying Padel.


If you have friends or family who you are always telling about this wonderful game, then why not use this to give them a nudge and get them down here to see what all the fuss is about?! To book, email: or mobile/WhatsApp: 07432 841298 (Lewis).






British Padel Tour – Silver Event – March 1st-3rd


Both Rob and Claire have put in a lot of work to this event behind the scenes already and between us are looking forward to having some of the countries best players here playing at the club! However, there is something for everyone, whether it be to come and support your favourite pairs, play in the Friday night social event, or enter one of the main draws!


For more info (and to register your pairing!) please see link below to the British Padel website where you will also find the factsheet for the event.




As ever, you know where I am if you need anything. I look forward to seeing you on court soon!


Best Wishes,



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Hi All,


I am delighted to be writing my first newsletter out to the Padel members! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of whom I have not yet met. Having grown up in Kelvedon,  I have been both a member and staff at Prested before and have been coming here for over 14 years! This puts me in the fortunate position to know what a great bunch of members we have and gives me extra enthusiasm to see you all at the club, playing regularly!


My colleague Ben Smith is an avid Padel player whom you may have seen playing(and often winning!) at events at the club previously. He has also gained his Level 2 British Padel coaching qualification which puts him in a great position to offer lessons/matchplay sessions to those who would like to take their game to the next level! Ben will be in on Wednesdays(starting from 27th February) each week.


Please note that the below is the new and updated way of contacting us about all things Padel...




Lewis Mobile/Whatsapp: 07432 841298 – (For court bookings & day to day assistance)


Ben Mobile/Whatsapp: 07930 883884 – (For Wednesday Lessons and games)


We are still contactable through our social media pages on facebook/twitter/instagram which have not changed.


Please also see items that are available for sale in the Pro Shop as well as lesson prices-


Padel Overgrip - £2.50

Head CS Balls (3) - £5

Dropshot Orbit Racket - £60

Dropshot Astro Racket - £85

Dropshot Sakura Racket - £100

Dropshot Tundra Racket - £100


Lesson with Lewis (one person)- £25 p/h

Lesson with Lewis (two people)- £30 p/h


Lesson with Ben (one person)- £30 p/h

Lesson with Ben (two people)- £35 p/h


*Matchplay sessions are available with a combination of Lewis/Ben/Rob/Claire so please let us know if this is something that you are interested in*


Lastly, please see prime courts for the rest of the week that are currently still available....


Thursday 14th


1.30pm-2.30pm – Pat Lemon, Gwen Bannister, Guest – ONE NEEDED (Around 2.0 Rating)



Friday 15th




Saturday 16th


10.30am-12pm – Anita Gray – THREE NEEDED (Around 2.0 Rating)



Sunday 17th


10.30am-12pm – Bill Rudman – THREE NEEDED (Around 3.0 Rating)




Please let me know via email or WhatsApp if you would like to play in any of the above matches or would like me to find you other players for any days this week or next. I look forward to seeing you all soon at the club!


Best Wishes,



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Dear Padel Member,


Just a short note to let you all know that sadly Claire and I will no longer be running Padel at Prested from next Monday.


Your new team will be made up of Lewis Williams and Ben Smith. We wish them all the very best and hope you all receive an excellent level of service.


We will be continuing our role in real tennis so we look forward to seeing you all around the club and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the sudden change.


Many thanks for your support over the recent months.


Yours sincerely


Rob & Claire Fahey

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Hi all,

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Padel this January.  A huge thank you goes out to Rich who held the fort, assisted by Ged & Zack for the month.  We are now back and it's business as usual ??


For those unaware, Team Fahey did have a fairly successful Aussie trip...


In Hobart, Rob & his partner Nicky made the World Doubles Final, sadly to fall short against the holders.

In Melbourne, Rob made Semi-Finals in both the Singles & Doubles Australian Open and Claire picked up both Ladies Open titles, partnered with Tara Lumley.

and finally in Ballarat, Claire managed to defend World Singles & Doubles title, again partnered by Tara Lumley.


But that's enough about TF tennis...on to the week of Padel ahead....

Tuesday 5th 

6-9pm Mix-In book in now! SPACES AVAILABLE 

Wednesday 6th

Day courts available

5.30pm 3 spaces with Nick Bones (3.0- 3.5)

Thursday 7th

10am-12pm - Thursday morning mix-in 1 space available

7.30pm 1 court available

Friday 8th/Saturday 9th/Sunday

Plenty of courts available, get in touch and let's get on court

Padel Pros

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Hi all,

Don't forget, this weekend (2nd/3rd Feb) Prested are hosting the first British Padel Ladies Open & VETS event.  Some fantastic padel on display, with players from Spain, Portugal & all over the UK entering.  The Open draw starts at 10am Saturday (Final at 4.30pm) and VETS from 10.30am Sunday.  Come on down and support Ladies Padel at Prested.


Padel Pros

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Hi All,

Who would like some padel this week to book in to any of the below contact!


6pm-9pm Tuesday evening Mix-In all levels welcome!


B+ Mix-In 7-9pm!


1 court available for matches 6-9pm

Saturday & Sunday

Plenty of availability for matches! Get in touch if you'd like to play :)


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